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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Upward Awards

The girls are finished cheering for this basketball season. We went to the award ceremony on Monday night. I refused to get there and wait in a pew with Bria for a half hour before things got started, so we had a horrible parking spot and even worse seats.

Bria was good. Ray kept her attention asking her to say "cheese" for the camera. She also played with and repeatedly dropped his blackberry. There was only mild concern that she might have inadvertently changed the password.

We didn't win any prizes but the girls walked away with that cool uniform, pom poms, megaphones, and my favorite...a heart full of memory verses. They had so much fun. So much for the cute embroidered backpacks that have been rolling the halls of KES. They were given Upward backpacks as an award instead of trophies. The girls loved it. They've been sporting those packs every day since.

Next year I'll cave and we'll get better seats so we can get better pictures.

1 comment:

The Driskells said...

Good seats - highly over rated.
Keeping your sanity with a confined 18 mo old - priceless!
: ) Kara

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