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Monday, March 23, 2009

Shamrock Operation Smile Final Mile

The girls have been preparing for the Shamrock Operation Smile Final Mile since before Christmas. They run miles at school and finish the last leg of a marathon on the beach. They run with their friends up Atlantic, cross onto the boardwalk and make their way by King Neptune. They fall into a corral for the parents to pick them up. They have so much fun. We're so proud of them. This year, they even wore timing devices on their shoes. (I don't have their times yet, but like their mother, they are back of the pack runners...at least they run!)

Here are some of the highlights...

Bria, blowing spit on Ray's neck while we waited for the race to start, while they were racing and after the race was over. This is her new favorite pasttime.
Hanging out at the DQ waiting for the race.

Getting to the starting line. Look their holding hands....

They're off... I got the shot. Frankly I'm amazed. I was a bit emotional. I saw them holding hands when everyone was lining up. I had given them lectures about taking care of each other. A few hundred feet from the starting line, I spotted them, still holding hands. That was enough for tears to well up in my eyes. Then I started thinking if we are here in 5 years, Bria would have to run by herself. There won't be a sister to join her. Yes, I was a basket case. Yes, I was close to a nervous brakdown right there in the middle of 5,000 people on the boardwalk. Finally, I did hold it together only because Ray was giving me a hard time. He assured me that in 5 years there is no way we will be living here. I didn't find it amusing. I held back the tears and then waited anxiously to see them turn up again.

They did turn up, medals in hand for a post race picture.

Then we all went to the Pocahontas Pancake House. I've been told that this is the second best restaurant in the world. (The first is Casa de Brandi) I think Ray taught my girls how to kiss up. They must be looking for the Easter chocolate a bit early.

We had a great day. I did hear a couple of parents say that they spent the night down there. Parking is horrible and we always feel rushed. I'm hoping Ray has some Hilton points saved up. Next year, that's where we'll be.


Screamin' Mama said...

How wonderful for your girls to participate in this event. I loved how they held each other's hands...beautiful!

The Driskells said...

Great memories for you and the girls. What a cool thing for them to be involved in! I know you are proud.
: ) Kara

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