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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Puppy Tales

This beautiful Tuesday morning as I was rushing to get the kids ready for school, something kept catching my eye. I look outside and there is a cute little beagle running around my yard thinking about playing chicken with the cars cruising by. Naturally, I'm a bit concerned, though not as concerned as Tucker.

I went outside to see if I could catch him. He was little skittish at first but once he saw the treats he decided he liked us alot. Arleigh and Hanan came to help. We found out his name was Truman and he had a phone number. Then we spent the rest of the morning trying to keep him from finding a way into the house.

Truman's owner came to pick him up a little faster than the girls would have liked. All things considered, they would have been perfectly happy to keep him as a pet. Once I reminded them of how upset they would be if someone kept Tucker, they changed their tune. It was hard to want to keep him when Miss Nancy was so excited to have her puppy back. She is going through a divorce, lost her home and has moved in with her mother down the street from us. She said that Truman was all she had in the world.
I snapped a couple of pictures of the little guy before he left. He is clearly not photogenic because he was very cute. (Maybe it's just the photographer.) The good deed was a very nice way to start our Tuesday morning.

When do I start to worry that every stray animal seems to wide up at my door? Is there an invisible sign that says "Get Food Here?" As long as every owner is a sweet at Truman's, I don't mind.

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Domestically Disabled Girl said...

My brother had 2 beagles, which my parents inherited when he died. I remember chasing one of those stupid beagles around when I was pregnant, because it was always running away! I laughed, because this made me remember that time!

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