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Monday, March 23, 2009

Pray For Stellan

I had so many not me's this week and so many things to whine about. Once again, perspective prevails...

I read McMama's blog too often. I check to see if she's posted, or if she's had a contest. I look forward to Mondays to get things off my chest and read of other people's mishaps and the great things that happened to them. This morning, Ray was home. He was straigtening up our financial stuff. I got my 2 miles in...not 3 I'm a wimp and sat down to check up on everyone.

I was stunned to read that the little miracle baby is back in the hospital. If you don't read McMama's blog, I will not do the story of Stellan justice. You can read about there latest health trial here. You can read the story of Stellan's miracle here.

Please keep Stellan and his family in your prayers. Join me is praying for peace for his family, for God to control and slow his heartrate, for strength and guidance for everyone involved.

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