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Monday, March 16, 2009

Not Me Monday!

It's Monday. Once again, it's time for my free therapy session. I get to tell you all the things that I didn't do this week courtesy of McMama. Head on over to her blog and read what everyone else isn't doing. It's a fabulous way to start the week.

We didn't start this week feeling pretty good about missing out on a nasty virus that was going around only to have it catch up with us. It wasn't Hanan first and me second. I wasn't left chasing Bria, scrubbing up Hanan's puke all the while trying to make it to the bathroom myself. Hanan didn't bounce right back after only 24 hours like nothing ever happened. It didn't take me a full 48 hours to start to feel like part of the human race again. Like usual, Ray, Arleigh and Bria didn't skate through without so much as a burp while Hanan and I were completely miserable.

Twenty four hours of being tethered to a toilet didn't get me behind at home and at work. I always stay far ahead, never procrastinating.

Ray didn't trot off, Tucker in tow, to camp for 3 days just as I was getting over my near miss with death. He totally heard me say over and over that the girls were in a concert on Friday. He really didn't miss it.

I didn't rush to get all 3 girls back at school for a "Homemade Music" concert on Friday night. They didn't set it up like an outdoor concert, complete with everyone asked to bring a blanket to sit on. I didn't spend two hours trying to keep a 17-month old from running on stage with her sisters. She didn't spill her strawberry puffs on the blanket no fewer than 131 times. They didn't get me to spend too much money by opening the bookfair right before the concert. Bria didn't become fast friends with the family sitting next to us insisting that they pay attention to her squeaky shoes instead of their child playing his homemade rattle. I won't be posting pictures of the fiasco later today.

Speaking of the concert, I most certainly didn't realize that the dress that Arleigh was wearing was ripped in three places! I would never let my child leave the house wearing what looked like rags, especially when she would performing in front of so many people. I won't n0w blame it on the flu.

Right this second, Hanan isn't standing over my shoulder when she should be at school because she doesn't have the other nasty stomach virus going around. This time, she is not inflicted with horrible bouts of diarrhea. You're not welcome for that mental image.

What did you not do this week?

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Anonymous said...

I love reading your Monday posts! You are so funny. Sorry you were all sick. Hope you are better. I have decided that maybe you and the girls need to take a trip "cross country" to Dallas and come play with us! :) Have a great week!

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