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Monday, March 2, 2009

Not Me! Monday

So, here we go...it's Monday. That means I get some much needed therapy by telling you all the things that I didn't do this week. It was all started be McMama. Check it out here. Clearly it's addictive since I started thinking I would jump on the train for one or two weeks but can't help myself each and every Monday.

Here we go...

This morning, I'm not writing this post while avoiding the school newsletter I'm supposed to print this afternoon. I'm never a procrastinator. Not Me!

I'm not enjoying a moment with the girls, curled up watching television with their little sister. They aren't home for an extra couple of hours because of snow. We always have snow and school is always in session even if it does snow.

My hormones weren't completely out of whack this week, leading to an extra long week when a couple at church needed counseling. It's always so easy to give sage council when you are so irritated that you want to throttle people. I am not wishing I could vent and give more details. I won't be grabbing my journal later to do just that.

I didn't agree to meet my doctor at labor and delivery this week because she's working nights. I didn't have to start a conversation with a very pregnant crazy lady who was hopefully given something that made her that way. She didn't ask me if I was at the hospital waiting to be induced. I don't have a serious date with the elliptical machine in the garage.

Oh, let's not forget that we do not have a horrible tooth fairy. I did not miss Hanan twisting out another tooth mid cheer while I was at a baby shower. Our tooth fairy didn't make an early morning appearance leaving money in a hard to find place after presumable be scared off by waking children.

I am not mourning the loss of Hanan's perfectly straight, cute, tiny little baby teeth. Not only is she getting those huge, jagged change the shape of your mouth adult teeth, she's growing up too fast.

Nope. Not me!!! What did you not do this week.

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Wayne said...

wow sounds like the tooth fairy has been so busy lol

great not me monday

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