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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Home Made Music

I'm playing catch up with my pictures. Friday night, the girls and I rushed out in a downpour for a "Home Made Music Festival" at their school. Over two weeks, all the kids at the school worked with a musician during their art and music class times at school. They learned about various instruments and then made and decorated their own instrument. Of course, a little show was put together.

Ray was out of town working at Camp Idlewild. I braved the weather with all 3 girls. First let me say, I love that my girls want to participate in every last event from skating parties to raise money for the PTA to little last-minute musicals. What I don't love is that the PTA often doesn't take younger children into consideration when planning these events. It's not their fault. I'm on the PTA. The very active members of the board all have older children. (It makes sense. I can barely get a shower and out the door much less attend every board meeting.) This event was no different.

We had to bring a blanket to sit on and space was limited. That meant that I parked the stroller at the door. I had 2 hours to baby wrangle. If you aren't well versed in baby wrangling, let me explain... It's a bit like herding cats, maybe cats in heat only with one very loud, opinionated child with the express intent of getting whatever she wants at that very second. It didn't matter if other people wanted to watch their children perform.

I started with the baby puffs. Puffs are like gold around here. I don't give them to Bria often. It's like baby crack. She decided that since she had the puffs and could obviously get away with it, she needed to hold the container herself. It worked out well until she fell or shook the can and sprayed the people around us. Awesome. She also wanted every trinket and piece of candy that the 5-year old sitting next to us dared to pull out and taunt her with. She made friends with the Dad who loved her squeaky shoes. Once he paid attention to her shoes, she knew she had him hooked.

But I digress, this is really supposed to be about my two older children... There is Hanan who made a band of jingle bells and shook them to guess what... Jingle Bells. Then Arleigh made a chinese rattle out of pie tins. She sat down so far away that I couldn't get a decent picture. Oh, Hanan looks like she despearatly needs a hair cut but we are waiting for the wedding. Arleigh pulled out her go to dress that she always wants to wear. When we got to the cafeteria I noticed that the dress was ripped in no less than 3 places. She was going on stage like that! Hanan's hair was bad enough but the dress was almost enough to tip me over the edge.

In spite of the heat of the tiny cafeteria, and the blanket style seating, we had a great time. The girls played their songs and were so proud of themselved. They saw their friends outside of a classroom. I got the chance to meet some parents. We went to the bookfair and spent too much money. (See what happens when you're gone Ray? I spend too much money but you already knew that.) All that work and complaining, but I would go and do it all over again. I'm a glutton for punishment like that. (I would also brush Hanan's hair and make Arleigh choose a different dress.) Enjoy the pictures.

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