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Tuesday, March 3, 2009


When Arleigh and Hanan were little, I almost never used a baby gate. I was under the impression that as their mother, I needed to teach them to navigate the stairs. We had a huge spiral staircase in Iceland. There were a few tumbles there, and a few here with bigger girls. Each and every slip and fall was terrifying. They also taught caution. In hindsight, we were blessed that there were no serious injuries.

Bria comes along 5 years after the other two and things change. I have a part-time job, I volunteer at a school, I monitor homework sessions and piano practice. I don't follow Bria around like I followed Arleigh and Hanan.

I guess the good news is that she is learning independence outside of a stair case. She knows how to navigate up the stairs well enough, we just worry about the way down. She has also learned to hate a gate every bit as much as I have come to love it. A new one is in order though because she has already figured out how to take it down. She's a smart cookie.


Wayne said...

Children learn so fast, and they can figure out those gates and how to open them so fast. I don't have children yet but I helped to raise my three nieces and I am so amaized at how fast kids learn.

you are welcome to visit my blog anytime you wish and read jokes or any piost I do thankyou so much for stoping by

Screamin' Mama said...

I guess better safe than sorry. Btw, I've tagged you on my blog. Check it out. Also...I've decided what to make you for my give-away so I just have to sit down and make it now.

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