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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Arleigh's Musings

Would it be appropriate for a 2nd grader to have her own blog? I can't believe I'm actually considering it, if only to see what she would write and what pictures she would choose. I am absolutely opposed to it because I'm very afraid of what she would say about her mother.

Here is a sampling of Arleigh's writing, unedited. She sent her grandparents this email. I think it might be blog worthy.

Grandma and Grandpa

We miss you so much! We also LOVE you 2. Grandpa are you coming to the wedding?
I am really excided about wearing those dresses. I also hope you get my other letter
I do not mean like the letter A. I mean the 1 that I sent in the mail. Also did you get
Hanan's E mail? Did you see Mama's NEW blog? Oh and Bria can say buger
And oh my goodness was she crazy when we whear under the covers. At
1st she picked her nose and wiped it on Hanan then I said just at that seacond
she would wipe it on Hanan but what do know she wiped it on me. Then
she started falling backwards and kept saying AAAAAA........
But what do you next she fell in the basket and it about fell too. It scared
mama to death! Sorry if I already told you this I wrote this all by my
self Well mom wants me to go watch Bria talk to me later bye

Have I mentioned how much I love my girls?


Thena said...

That is darling. Not to mention how much it will help with her writing skills.

cwilson@wilsav.com said...

A writer in the making!!! :o)

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