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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Yesterday it was time for Not Me Monday. I missed it. I had these great pictures. I can't resist. So we can just pretend it's not really Tuesday. The posts are still up at McMama's blog. Check it out for some great belly laughs.

Clearly this is Not Me completing a post on Tuesday that should have been posted on Monday. Why would I want to post pictures of my kids? I'm not going to keep this short just because I seem to have more things to do these days than time to get it done.

I didn't enjoy watching my girls try to make static in their sister's hair. It didn't have Bria belly laughing. She shouldn't have already given up the exersaucer but I don't need it to confine her every now and then.

I didn't find Bria climbing from a sofa to the table this week. I didn't grab the camera to take a couple of pictures. She didn't immediately try to get back to the sofa to keep from getting in trouble. That's not ketchup smeared all over her face. I always was her face before I take pictures.

That's it. I have a couple of posts rolling around in my head but not so much time this week. Ray kindly pointed out how much I could get done if I walked away from the computer for a bit. That's what I'm doing. I'll be back. I can't stay away long.

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Tanya said...

Your girls are adorable! I never took pictures of my girls doing things they were not supposed to do either.

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