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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tribute Tuesday

My friend Wayne started Tribute Tuesday. He asked me a few weeks ago to participate. It's a way to honor those you love, especially the people who have influenced you. I agreed to participate for three weeks. Here it is, week three.

This week's tribute goes to Bria FaithBria is only 16 months old but she has already changed our lives and our family. She is a big bundle of happy. She loves nothing better than to make someone smile or laugh. She also knows exactly how to wrap all of us around her little fingers.

This child seems to know my moods before I do. She seems to know when I need for her to grab me and hold on tight. She crawls into my lap for a book. She also knows when she can push my limits. As little as she is, she already knows how to love big and make us love her right back.

Bria is also a continuous source of entertainment, from the way she eats to the faces she makes when she isn't happy. She is our sunshine. She has a big open world and lots of ways to fill it. I'm sure she will be a force of nature that changes the world for the better.

Here's your tribute Bria.


Samantha said...

Yey, it's Bria week!!
Who on earth are you going to tribute NEXT week?! You're all out of daughters!

A beautiful tribute, I love reading your heartfelt truths about your daughters!

Natalie said...

What a cutie!!!!

Wayne said...

Bria sounds like such a sensational kid and the piture is so cute. this is such a great tribute and thankyou for taking part in tributre tuesday again

Jenn said...

She sounds just darling! I've really loved reading about your three precious girls. Thanks again for sharing with us.

Wayne said...

Thankyou for your well wishes I'm sure i will be all better soon

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