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Monday, February 2, 2009

Not Me Monday

So, it's time again for "Not Me!" Monday. It's starting to be my favorite time of the week. McMama started this crazy ride. To join in, visit her blog here. At least stop by and read everyone's Not Me posts. It will at the least give you a great chuckle and it is clearly fabulous free therapy.

Here we go:

This week I didn't struggle to get my kids finish their chores so that we could have some play time. They are always dutiful and stay on task with every project. 

It wasn't twice as hard to keep the house in order because there is no way their school would give them half days for the week with Friday off. Half days at school are never productive. Surely they would find a better way to end the quarter.

I did not show any motherly pride when my girls were the only ones to know their super long memory verse this week. 

I'm not worried at all about Bria's refusal to walk. You aren't supposed to worry until 18 months. She's only 15 months. She's walked several paces across the room several times over the last 3 months so why worry? My stubborn daughter's refusal to walk would never bother me. 

I didn't wake up at 5:30 a.m. this morning to send my husband off to a tropical island while I'll be here freezing. His leaving didn't wake Arleigh and Hanan up. They most certainly weren't loud enough to wake their sister up. This didn't ensure that wouldn't be able to be up so early and not exercise. I'm most certainly not blogging instead of doing my chores setting a wonderful example for my girls.

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