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Monday, February 23, 2009

Not Me! Monday

It Monday again. That means it's time for a Not Me! post. It's great therapy so I'm ready to go. Don't forget to check out all the other Not Mes! at McMamma's blog. I don't know about you, but I'm usually looking for a quick chuckle on Monday mornings. This blog is always the place to find it.

We don't have the very worst tooth fairy in the world. She seems to be too busy to stop by even for my 6-year old's first tooth. The interest rate on waiting is going to kill her in this economy.

We didn't have guests over when Hanan lost her tooth. I didn't forget to take a picture of her holding her very first missing Itooth before the tooth fairy actually remembered to take Hanan's tooth and compensate her for waiting until the 2nd night to make it to our house.

I didn't rush off to the grocery store this week after dropping the older two at school only to run into our backyard neighbor. She didn't ask me if I babysitting Bria. After nine months of being hugely pregnant, hanging a baby swing and having a 16-month old running around the back yard she couldn't tell that we added to our family? She was not embarrassed.

I have not been in a total funk all weekend. This didn't make me feel the tiniest bit better.

What did you not do this week?


Samantha said...

Aw bless, that tooth fairy must have been verrrrry busy!!
Great Not Me's!!

Ohilda said...

Too funny about the tooth fairy paying interest in this economy! LOL!

Wayne said...

great not me monday again..

P.s you can also tell a funny story that happend to you

thankyou for visiting

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