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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day! It's that time of year again... cookies, chocolate, lip lollipops and piles and piles of paper Valentine's. When did Valentine's Day stop being about expensive dinners and bottles of wine? Don't get me wrong. I'm much happier with this turn of events. I get a flurry of giggles, kids hopped up on sugar and pure happiness. I don't like paying for overpriced meals and feeling like I need to pay the babysitter extra. This is just fine with me. I definitely noticed that this year, it's all about the girls.

We started a day early with a lunch packed with a musical card, heart-shaped peanut butter a nutella sandwiches and huge heart cookies. Then on to the party madness. The parties at school are supposed to be low key. They are so not. There are cupcakes and cookies and bags of candy. This year, there were coupons for frostys, Krispy Kremes and lots of other things. So the kids, Bria included, got all hopped up on sugar and sent home for the weekend.

I did get a beautiful boquet of red roses, my favorites. Ray got some dark chocolate and we had a new navy family over for Ray's favorite Greek dinner. This morning he's off to a board meeting at camp, the girls and I are cleaning up and off to work at church. We'll settle in tonight for a family night with games and movies and lots of leftovers. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Here are some of my favorite pictures from yesterday.This is Gabriel. He's Christian's little brother. I love that smile. Bria chases him around the classroom at Arleigh's party. I can't catch them in a good picture together.

Just one of the piles that was created. These little cards make my kids so happy. It's thought that their friends have thought about them so far away from school. What do you do with them after Valentine's Day? They are scattered all over the house already this morning. If I started dumping them in the trash, I'm suddenly enemy number 1. Any suggestions?
Hanan loves holidays. It's a endless supply of chocolate and sugar. I seriously think she likes Halloween and Valentine's Day way more than Christmas.
This is Arleigh's good friend, Nate and his brother Luke. Nate lives 2 blocks over and I love that kid. Luke is so sweet. He hangs on his big brother through ever party.
I had to show off the roses. I always tell Ray not to get them, they seem like a huge waste of money. They sure do make me happy though.

Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours.

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