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Monday, January 19, 2009

Not Me Monday

Boy howdy! I've been getting ready for this all week... I'm starting to consider Monday's Not Me posting as really cheap therapy. If you haven't check out all the other not me posts here. Get ready here we go... 


I didn't start my week finding my almost toddler in the bottom of a very small pantry covered in cocoa powder. I wasn't so tired and worn out that I neglected to get any form of camera to record little Miss Chevious' latest little bit of destruction.

I wasn't tempted to whip out my phone and secretly take a picture of the little girl in super duper way too tight blindingly hot pink spandex at the girls' cheerleading practice. The thought that it might be cruel and heaven forbid her family might happen upon this blog never crossed my mind. I didn't continue to wonder about the girl who looked like she was dressed for a Cyndi Lauper video and why her mother let her go out in public like that. I didn't wonder what I was saying about my daughters at cheerleading practice with their scraggly hair, mismatched outfits and pink chucks. It didn't bother at all that night thinking of them standing next to the girl in the outfit that clearly cost more that most of the items in my own wardrobe. I didn't come to the conclusion that the clothes were okay but looking like they needed a bath was not only to read McMamma's blog about mother's guilt. This is not turning into a post for an
other day.

I absolutely did not spend a couple of hours turning this

into this

So I could see this.

I also didn't have to recruit Ray into my pom pom fluffing duties because I once again waited until the very last minute. I also didn't hear compliments on the pair of pom poms he fluffed. He alone won't have any future fluffing duties. 

This week I wasn't running around like a chicken with my head cut off so I could host the girls' first ever slumber party in honor of Arleigh's 8th birthday. We certainly weren't celebrating a month after her actual birthday. Who would make their daughter wait for a month to celebrate her birthday?

I wasn't irritated through half the party because I was shocked at the behavior of a little girl that my sweet darling kept referring to as her BFF. My daughter has the very best taste in friends and would only love to be around people that I would love to be around. I was also totally proud of the behavior of my children at the party. They didn't break down in tears fighting over who had the most of friends or who was playing what. They were perfect little angels. 

I also didn't wait until the last minute to try and order a birthday cake. That's right I called around early to find the Camp Rock cake that my daughter was longing for. I wasn't forced into buying a wax bath to bribe said daughter because I couldn't find the cake she wanted. I wasn't forced to make a cake at the last minute that turned out much better than any grocery store cake if I do say so myself. 

So that's it. What did you not do this week? Don't forget to tell the charming people over at McMamma's blog.


Carol said...

I would never hold a birthday pary for my daughter a month late... let alone two weeks before Christmas when her birthday was actually the day before Halloween. :o) Beautiful cake, by the way. Last minute?? I am impressed!

Ray, Brandi and Our Girls said...

Thanks for the giggle Carol. You need a blog!

Wayne said...

Great not me monday. the pictures are great

Navylangs said...

Wow - that is the best cake I could imagine for a sleepover! Too cute.

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