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Monday, January 12, 2009

Not Me Monday

I'm going to try for a Not Me Monday post again. If you haven't, go see all those wonderful Not Me! posts here. Being Monday, I needed to get a good chuckle.

I can't imagine being the person who would find their child repeatedly climbing through the cat door trying to get to the cat food. If I was, I most certainly wouldn't stop and run for the camera to take pictures instead of bringing the baby back in the house. I definitely wouldn't put those pictures on this blog.
So it wasn't me who wimped out of a baby shower to traipse around the outlet malls at Williamsburg this week. I didn't get a beautiful dress for Bria for $5. It wasn't a dress she probably didn't need. She didn't look beautiful in it Sunday morning.

It wasn't me walking around with the spoiled children asking for something else to eat every time they saw a Ben & Jerry's sign or a hot dog stand. I didn't cringe as their Daddy finally said, "Fine, we're done with eating out for a month." I didn't want to ask, "Does that mean me too?" I was totally okay with it thinking about how much I needed to polish up on my cooking skills.

It wasn't me this week publishing the school's newsletter at the very last second possible. It wasn't me trying to sweet talk the office staff this morning by filling the teacher's boxes myself.

I absolutely wasn't the one at the doctor's office this morning with that cute child who would smile sweetly at everyone from the doorway and then scream and throw a cup at every nurse that tried to walk in the room. It wasn't me who wanted to giggle at the 15 month old who knew she was getting a shot and was going to fight it every step of the way. It wasn't me tearing up watching her look at her mother with that "How could you let them do this to me?" look in her eyes. I didn't give her tylenol preventatively. I'm not enjoying the quiet while we naps to post yet another blog.

It's not me who has been blogging too much and not cleaning the nasty house. I haven't been reading email and facebook and every other adoption blog I can find. I won't be thinking that maybe I should lay off an little and actually act like the resposible person I am supposed to be.

So I won't be making only one more Christmas post this week and then walking away until next Monday. I couldn't possible have anything else to say about our Christmas vacation.


Anonymous said...

I would have done the exact same thing and run for the camera...lol!!!

Wayne said...

Great not me monday , the pictures had me laughing so hard

Katie said...

I love the Williamsburg outlet mall! I took a day for Christmas shopping after Thanksgiving with friends at the Williamsburg outlets only to find there was really more for me than anyone else. So the responsible me succumbed to the now cutely dressed me. ;)

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