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Monday, January 26, 2009

Not Me Again

Can you tell I really love "Not Me!" Mondays. I often suffer from blog induced depression (BIP) and this is truly a great cure for it. First things first, I have to tell you that you need to visit McMama's blog here to get in on the fun.

It's been a long week...So, here we go...

Our entire family wasn't terribly lazy on Monday because our kids weren't home from school. We would never sit around in our pajamas and finally decide to go to Home Depot at 2 in the afternoon just to look at paint colors. We only painted our kitchen 4 years ago. I can't imagine thinking it might be time to paint again. We didn't find the exact thing we wanted only to drive home and start painting at 3 in the afternoon. We all painted. We didn't leave it to Ray to do by himself. I didn't finish up other nagging chores while he worked to paint two coats of two different colors on the wall.

By Tuesday it wasn't at all noticeable that Bria was a big grump. I didn't try to blame it on teething and listening to her sisters cough all night. I didn't wake up with yet another case of pink eye after sleeping in my contacts after everyone coughed on me all day long. I always take my contacts out and clean them every night! 

We didn't skip church on Wednesday night because of pink eye or Bria's fussing. We try to go no matter what. I didn't enjoy being able to tuck the kids in bed on time and watch 3 hours of Lost. I never watch Lost the night it airs. I never start exactly 30 minutes after it starts so I can zip through the commercials either. 

On Thurs. it wasn't clear that Bria had an ear infection. I didn't wait for a half hour with a sick baby to see the PA. I wasn't listening when the PA started telling me how swollen Bria's gums were because I hadn't noticed her jamming her hand in her mouth or whining for me every second of the day. I didn't hear her say Bria had tested positive for RSV but was clear of the 20 other things she decided to test her for. 

I didn't dutifully go to my regular Kroger pharmacy where the people are so nice to be sent to the pharmacy across the street because they didn't have the drug 
Bria needed. I was sooooo happy standing at Rite Aid for 45 minutes rocking a sick and very snotty baby even though they knew I was coming and when. They didn't ask me 50 times if I have ever filled anything there. They weren't rude or condescending acting like I was dumb for bringing a sick baby in to wait. Really, I had so many other places to take a sick baby too. I didn't want that drug so I could help her get over it at all. This part of will not is not a Not Monday. I will not ever go to that Rite Aid for anything ever again! Back to not me... The way they treated me didn't make me mad at all.

While I'm not complaining about the healthcare industry, I wasn't told that a nebulizer would be delivered to my house no later that 4 p.m. I didn't rush home and wait patiently for it's arrival. Clearly, the baby that was coughing and hacking since her treatment in the doctor's office didn't warrant another treatment. I wasn't told on numerous occasions throughout the day to expect a call from the driver at any moment. He didn't show up at 7:30 p.m. I didn't hear myself say sure I know how to use it, have Ray sign all the paperwork only to realize that I had no idea how to put the thing together. My husband wasn't at all stressed or irritated with my mistake. My calls were answered promptly. We didn't finally administer her treatment after her bedtime only to realize albuterol has the same effect on a 15 month old that speed would have on me. I didn't spend the entire night wondering if we would ever sleep again.

I most certainly did not spent the week trying to work out errands and church work around naps and breathing treatments. I haven't tried to help out with the kitchen renovation when I could. I didn't fall behind with anything to point that I was so stressed I didn't want to attend a certain function. I don't have a cold now from everyone hacking on me. I am not tired and sleep deprived.

On the even brighter side, I didn't get these incredible lilies from my husband just because. They don't make me smile from the smell alone every time I walk through the kitchen. I don't have the very best husband in the world. Everyone else shouldn't cringe with jealousy.

I can't wait to see what's in store this week since we're on half days at school. Changing the schedule around never messes with us. What's did you not do this week?

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Wayne said...

Great not me monday I thought it was funny that you skiped church.

I was also wondering if you would like to take part in my new blog called tribute tuesday. It's a chance to pay tribute to some one who lightes up your life. It also has a mr linky


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