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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Last 12 Days Of Christmas Or Happy New Year

So next year I'm thinking I'll try and remember to make some some sort 12 days of Christmas post, one for every day we're visiting family...Just kidding. I promise this is the last one and it's after Christmas so we'll call it the Happy New Year post.

So after a nice visit in IL, we went back to KY because Nana Bonnie brought Tori and Phia back from Santa Fe. The girls only get to play together about once a year. It's so funny, because once they get around each other, it's like they live next door.

I do have to share a funny story. Ray was only in town for Christmas eve afternoon and part of Christmas morning. We planned to use this time to look for land. A friend from back home recommended a realtor. We wrote down several places we were going to drive by and planned to meet up with him after dropping the girls off at Mom's. So while Grandma was taking the girls to a park and McDonalds. We drove over to Murray. On the way I called the realtor and the conversation went like this...

"Hi Jason, it's Brandi. We're getting into town earlier than expected. When would you like to meet us?"
"Umm..(long pause) later in the afternoon would be better. I'm at the doctor's office right now. I was sick and in some pain last night. I think I might need surgery. I can meet you at 1 before I have to go over."
"No, Jason. You just take care of yourself..."
"Really, it's okay. I want to meet with you guys so I can help. Can I call you when I'm finished with the doctor?"
"Sure, but take care of yourself...Your health is more important."

So, does call. We were out close to the lake and told him to take care of himself and we would get in touch later. How bad in the econom there?

So on to other things...like the dance party Day Day planned for the girls in her basement...

Or the day we spent at Ya Ya's Island and Chuck E. Cheese. Seriously, almost 5 hours at Ya Ya's topped with dinner with Chuckie... I guess the girls only get to see each other and KY every so often... It was fun. Really...

We also had time to hang out and enjoy in the pond. (Sometimes this was done in very fashionable attire.) We also made a trip to the kennels with Tye Tye to see the police dogs. We met Wendy, the cross-eyed lab. Wendy isn't going to be qualified for work. She is available for adoption. She is super sweet and super cute. I can put you in contact with the kennels if you're interested. I have to warn you though, she's outside and not potty trained. She definitely needs to work on her inside manners but she's a quick learner.

That's it. I promise. We had so much fun. It was a nice trip. There are so many more pictures that I could post...I've been spending too much time on the computer. Unless something really great happens, I'm laying off for a while. I'll be back with the first basketball game/cheerleading pictures and slumber party next week.

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Shanan said...

So did yall get land in Murray??? Are you going back there soon???? Hope you are having a good week! :)

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