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Monday, January 5, 2009

It's Not Me Monday

I've been reading McMamma's blog for some time. I really enjoy her Not Me Mondays. This week I thought I would jump on board and give it a try. Here goes...

I did not spend my Christmas in glasses that I hate because I had the worse case of pink eye on record. Seriously...

I did not listen as a doctor said that it would get no worse after I started the antibiotic. I didn't wake up to demon eyes and wonder if I might go blind. I did not text my husband this picture of my horrible eye hoping he could wander around the hospital asking his coworkers what on earth had happened to me. It did not take me nearly 10 days to recover, put my contacts back in and wear makeup. I did not look like a zombie all through the holiday season because of the lack of eye makeup. I didn't have to wait until yesterday to try out the wonderful box of Estee Lauder makeup that I got for Christmas. (Both eyes looked like this.)

I didn't wake up at my mother's thinking I had gone blind from my case of pink eye because the room was pitch black and bed post was blocking my view of the clock from across the room when I closed my left eye.

I didn't just spend 45 minutes in the doctor's office waiting for Bria to get 2 shots only to be told she'll have to come back Monday for another round since I didn't wait too long for her one year shots. Bria didn't fight and scream like a banshee since it's only been 3 weeks since she last had a shot.

I did not go eat lunch with at school with my girls today because it's the last day to sign up for cheerleading and I didn't know if they wanted to cheer or play basketball.

I am not letting Bria scream while I blog so that I can get her to take a longer nap this afternoon insuring time on the treadmill for me.

Last week I didn't throw a bag of wipes at Hanan in the backseat when she got carsick and told the girls to hold on, we weren't due to stop for another hour. She didn't tell me she felt better and didn't mind riding for another hour. Arleigh didn't sit in the back holding her nose all that time. Grandma didn't say it's fine she couldn't smell it in the front anyway.

I didn't sit at Yaya's Island with no stroller for 5 hours to then go to Chuck E. Cheese while the cousins were in town. That would just be crazy.

I most certainly didn't gain 5 pounds while we were on vacation in Kentucky.

I didn't celebrate the New Year by drinking as much Sun Drop as I possibly could, hence gaining 5 pounds and rotting my teeth. Even if I did I wouldn't take a picture of a can of Sun Drop just for this blog.

I most certainly won't have any fun with this post.


Jane Anne said...

I stopped by from MckMamma's. Wow, that eye... ouch!! Too funny that you took a picture and then txted it to your hubby! I am not familiar with Sundrop. Must be yummy!

Shanan said...

Yum!!! Sun Drop! I don't think I have seen that in Texas!

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