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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Christmas Vacation Post Begins...

I must have the very best, most patient mother in the world. She bought herself a ticket and hopped on a plane and flew over 800 miles after coming out to help in Oct. just to ride over 800 miles in a minivan with 3 little girls who want to watch movies, listen to the Jonas Brothers, screetch or whine the whole way. I also have the best husband in the world because even though his work day were a little bit shorter, he let us go.

The night before we left, the girls opened a few presents that were large or from people we wouldn't see over Christmas. Thank you. They loved them...the clothes, the outfits, everything. Ray helped pack the car full of our baggage and presents and off we went. I won't tell you about the trip again other than 14 hours over the river, through the woods and even crossing a couple of mountains can be a long hard ride for anyone.

We got to Grandma's in time to go to church with the cousins, Kendall, Kase and Katie Beth. It's a bear to get a picture of all 6 of them. It was funny but it didn't help that Kase really wanted to be the one to hold "Baby Bria." She's almost as big as he is now.

About 24 hours after arriving, we discovered that I had that horrible case of pink eye I mentioned in the last post. I promise, no more pictures... After arguing with tricare about who to see and then becoming furious with my PCM for refusing to give me a referral, I just paid to see and optometrist. After the lecture about wearing my contacts too often, he gave me an antibiotic and said, "Your eyes won't get any worse. I may be 3 days before they start to get better."At that point my eyes were just a little pink. He gave me my first dose and we finished some shopping and waited for my prescription. We got home and I wanted to go to bed early. When I woke up, both eyes were red, not pink. They weren't runny anymore. They looked horrible. I called the doctor back. He says, "I can't help you. You need to an opthamologist." ?!? Wasn't he supposed to be the eye doctor? What were they going to tell me in the ER that he couldn't? That was my only option since there is no acceptable Urgent Care within a 100 mile radius of Mom's house. Awesome. That's when I started texting Ray pictures. I decided to wait it out. 10 days later...we're back to normal.

In the couple of days at Grandma's we suffered through an ice storm, made our annual batch of Christmas cookies. Tye Tye came to play. We saw a house he made an offer on. (Sorry I don't have a picture. It's really cute.) We played with Max and the all time favorite, took baths in the big bath tub. We managed to squeeze alot into those couple of days. Ray joined us on Christmas eve. More on that later. I don't have time to post more pictures.

Here are some of our highlights, including the sign Arleigh put on her bedroom door the day of the icestorm. I'm glad that when we visit family, they feel so at home they'll damage their grandparents' property. (maybe that should have been in the not me monday post)

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Shanan said...

I am glad you are back home and posting again! Oh, I can feel "your pain" on those over the river and through the woods trips in the car! :) We tried to fly it a few times, and I think several people wanted to throw us off the plane b/c Cari-Bella wouldn't quit crying! I am jealous you went to the Apple. It has been forever since I have had a Bean Roll!!! You need to get on Face Book. I have caught up with tons of AOPi's that I haven't talked to in years. Pictures are even being posted. That's kinda scary. Hey, wait a minute, are you already on Face Book? My memory is so bad!!! Glad you are back!

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