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Friday, January 9, 2009

Christmas At Nana & Papa's

We had lots of fun at Nana & Papa's house. There are always about 1000 gifts to open there. I have to say, I love what was under the tree for me, the annual case of make up that has become a joke among the family but I still love it, a new big dutch oven, and lots of stuff for my martini habit. I won't go on and on about everyone's list. (We would be here all day.) I'll just say, Nana and Papa were very good to us and we all loved our gifts.

The other exciting thing about IL is Chloe. The girls love, love, love playing with her. We are hoping that she will be able to come out and visit with us for a little while this summer. We're even hoping that she will make it to church camp with us. Since, I'm going with all three of my girls, she should be pretty comfortable.

Uncle Mike and Ant Sharon were there for a while. Arleigh and Hanan love sharing their coloring books and DS games with Aunt Sharon and Uncle Mike is great for chasing and wrestling. We made our annual after Christmas pilgrimage to Cape for the sales. It was a funny story. I'm not a morning person. I was under the impression that we were going to leave a little earlier than the year before but not ridiculously early. When everyone else got up at 5, I did too. Now, don't get me wrong, I love a sale and I'm up before 4 a.m. on black Friday. It's hard for me to get excited when I know I can't possibly fit anything else into the van. That combined with the girls had money burning huge holes in their pockets and I am about the most evil morning person in the world...not a great morning for me. I was worse than a 2-year old but manged to keep it mildly in check. Clearly my loving husband knows that Hanan and I were both close to meltdown. (She inherited her mother's attitude about rising before the sun.) He told everyone else to go on, we would be stopping for coffee and breakfast and catch up with them. Smart man. It was pretty funny when we get a call just as we are getting to Cape. Mike, Sharon, and Nana were having a hard time finding a store that was open. Next year, we'll leave a little later.

We finished up our trip there just hanging out. Chloe came over to play. We had dinner with Jim and Glenda. We got to visit with Ray's Grandma. We made a quick trip to see his Grandpa. We played Wii and we ate way more than we should. It was very nice.

I just put all the pictures at the bottom. You'll notice one of Bria's bum. She took her diaper off to nap. Luckily there were no leaks. There is also the Christmas Vacation Mobile but that's a post for another day. Hopefully you aren't too tired of our Christmas Vacation. One more post tomorrow and that's it, I promise.

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