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Thursday, January 8, 2009

And I Thought I Was Lost

All these wonderful Christmas posts that seem to never end are being interrupted by a story I have to tell...

So there I was, yammering away on my cell phone, stopped at a light at our normal exit when I see him. The guy in the car next to me clearly wants my attention. What do I do? I'm safe in my car. He seems nice enough. Then I start to think, is my gas cap open? Nope, wrong side of the van. Did I leave something on the car? Yes, I've done that but surely it would be long gone after 12 miles on the interstate. Finally I roll down my window.

The dude is clearly exasperated. Poor Robert is on the phone with me trying to discuss the elders and deacons meeting and having to listen to all of it just in case he is a crazy.

"How do I get to D.C.?" the guys asks. Seriously? He's all the way out at the beach.

"Take 264 West. Watch for signs for Richmond. Get on 64 to 295."

"I go this way and turn left?" he asks clearly very confused and no idea he is so far away from his destination.

I answer but before I can warn him that it would be at least 3 hours and it was close to rush hour, he was off. Poor guy. I hope he makes it.

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