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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Santa Came To Town

The first Saturday in December has become an annual event in our house. We have Santa Breakfast at school and then I rush off to a Christmas Brunch and ornament exchange with the ladies at church. So off we go.

I wish I could bottle the goodness coming out of my girls Saturday morning. Knowing that you will be going to see Santa for breakfast does wonders for things like kindness, diligence and attitude. The girls went out of their way to finish their chores in spite of the early hour. They were more than happy to help me get Bria ready and watch her while I got ready. Of course, I was running behind. We really do leave too early because I'm always rushed to get to the church. Hence, the dreaded pony tail.

We played games. I was handed the most unusual thing your purse prize later in the day because of it. Apparently most people don't keep a jar of Let 'R Rip Noise Making Putty in their purse. Arleigh won it after getting a hole in one on the putt putt course. We also brought home all kinds of noise makers and other fun stuff.

We got pictures with Santa. Bria didn't fuss at all. She just kept checking him out. I thought I had the perfect Christmas card picture until I got home. Hanan's bangs are growing out from self inflicted hair butchering incident and they look horrible. On my list of things to do tomorrow...fix that hair! Then I'll get pictures with no Santa. Any brilliant ideas for my Christmas card? I'm running out of time.

The other guest at Santa breakfast may have even been a bigger deal than Santa. Jake was there with his sister, Emily. This is Emily's last year. She's in the 5th grade now. Jake was accepted into the gifted school. He isn't in Arleigh's class anymore. They keep in touch through the kids in the neighborhood. We run into them from time to time. Arleigh was smitten again. She is clearly hoping that Jake still "like likes" her since we heard about it for the rest of the day. Jake runs dramatically from a few things. One is me and my camera. Another is Bria and her messy kisses. Lucky for us he didn't see Ray coming. Of course, that also meant you can't see his face. He is still a cutie patootie. I love that kid.

You'll have to indulge me in a couple more baby pictures. Bria was reading on Tucker's bed while I was getting ready. I had to take a picture. I'm suddenly realizing that I need to take more pictures Arleigh and Hanan. They're coming. More on the Ladies' Brunch and the rest of our busy weekend later.

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