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Friday, December 12, 2008

Our Far Away Friends

We have had such a great week with Dave Lang hanging around the house. Of course, that also meant we talked to Jori...he just had to call when he found out Dave was here. The Langs are some of my favorite people. Try as I might, I just can't convince them to give the east coast a chance. My fingers are crossed that we will meet up overseas again someday.

Someone was asking me who Dave was. He is literally our extended family. At any given time Dave and Chantelle had one or both of my kids. Arleigh loved to see Garrett through the back door. She always thinks of Madison as the girl with the stickers. I have pictures of Arleigh and Madison covered in Halloween stickers. It's in her baby book. (That's the only one I've finished.)

Anyway, I never got the chance to take pictures of Dave. Hopefully he'll be back tonight. So I dug out some pictures from Iceland. See... these two were always hanging out with us. Our kids were always hanging off of them.

That's Chantelle rescuing Hanan from being trampled during our Christmas party when she was almost 6 months (Hanan was almost 6 months. Not Chan.) and Dave with Arleigh. She was almost 2. They are such good friends I even have a picture of Chantelle in a giant fake butt. I thought she might slap me from Guam if I posted that one. (It was a really cool costume she made for a spouse party.)

It's been great to see Dave. I'm hoping we get to see the whole clan soon. Chan has to meet Bria.

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Navylangs said...

Oh my goodness - what took me so long to see this!? (Madi's obviously getting to google reader before I am!)
What a great family you guys are.
Thank you!

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