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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Hanan's Party

It's nice and late. I should be in bed but Ray is traveling so I wouldn't be sleeping anyway. I almost forgot about Hanan's Thanksgiving Party. I wanted to post some pictures before I forgot about it.

Hanan is in a great class this year. The first graders at this school have a Thanksgiving feast. Arleigh had a nice feast last year. Hanan's was nothing short of amazing. The parents really stepped up. There was an amazing amount of food. I wimped out and made mashed potatoes. Hanan can have the turkey cupcakes next year. Apparently Hanan thought the feast was good. She actually ate.

There were a few other brothers and sisters there. Sarah and Hanan were showing off their babies. Sarah's 3 month old brother was as big as Hanan's 1 year old sister. The girls dressed up and had a good time.

There are lots of alpha moms for Hanan's class. I don't have a dog in that fight. Bria and I were happy to hang out in the corner and watch the festivities. A few of the kids were in Bria's face and a little overwhelming for her but we got through it.

The highlight of the event for me was Hanan writing what she was thankful for on a turkey feather. I never know with Hanan. She had a huge heart. In fact, she loves bigger than anyone I've ever been around. When it comes to stuff like this, she could have just as easily written chocolate on her feather. She wrote Bria's name down. It was very sweet. I'll have to remind them of that someday.

I know we should be thankful for our blessings every day but one last time from me, Happy Thanksgiving!

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