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Monday, December 1, 2008

Friday With The Lutrells

Friday night we got to visit with our friends, the Lutrells and their two gorgeous boys. They came up to visit the Lees. Hence all the children piled on one sofa. Dan and Karen have 2 of the cutest little boys I've ever seen. The other two boys rank up there too but we see then at least 2 or three times every week.

We had a fabulous night. We ate pizza and yum yum redneck pink stuff salad. Yes, that's my new name for the pink fluff we ate for dessert. Since I made it, I can call it anything I want. I wish I had a video of Micah asking for more of it. We also threw all three babies in a bath together. Bria had her typical amount of fun in the bath.

Nice to see you Lutrells. If you want to see more pictures. You'll have to go to Facebook. I really need to finish the Christmas decorations, the school's newsletter, the deadline for the church meeting, oh yeah, that's a baby crying too.

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