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Monday, December 15, 2008

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever!

After a very long week of running around, doctor appointments, doses of antibiotics that no one wants... we settled in to watch a pretty good show last night. From the pre-k all the way up through the high schoolers, everyone did a fabulous job.

Arleigh was a Holy Land person. Hanan was an angel. When we got to the church Hanan's angel dress was missing. The only one Dianna could find was pretty tight. I don't think anyone other than Hanan could get it on. She had on a very pretty white dress. I tried to get her to just wear her dress but she wanted to look like everyone else. Then there was Arleigh's costume. I made it and I can't sew. I just cut some holes in fabric and draped it around her. After running around the church for an hour waiting for everything to start, her head band was slipping off and the clothes were slipping off her shoulders. Half the time she was on stage she was fidgeting with her costume. Oh well... Next time Ray will be on costume duty.

I can't forget Bria. She put on quite a show. While we were waiting for everything to start she was playing drums with Matt. (Yes, there was a drum in Church of Christ. Can you believe it? We're weren't even struck down.) She was rocking pretty hard and a little upset when he had to take the drum and go. Then she could not sit still during the show. The only time she was a little still was when Matt played Little Drummer Boy. She wasn't flopping around, she was dancing. (I know...leave it to my children to dance in a Church of Christ. Still, we weren't struck down. I'm sure R.T. Morris would tell me we are going to hell.) Then to top off the dance routine, she saw the beads on Madison's costume. Bria kept grabbing the long strings and wrapping them around her neck. Frank was sitting behind us and laughing at Bria. I think he enjoyed her performance best.

The winner of the most frightening thing I heard all night, "Next year Bria gets to be on stage..." I heard a rumor that the Christmas pageant will only happen every other year. Where Bria is concerned, that might be a good thing.

Here are some of the pictures....

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