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Monday, November 17, 2008

You Know It's Monday When

You know it's Monday when you start your morning taking pictures of your daughter's new haircut. Not a beautiful new haircut done by a professional, trimming the straggly ends that she's been trying so hard to grow out for her uncle's wedding. You are taking pictures of a haphazard haircut done with crafting scissors in the secrecy of a play dressing room. Notice she can't make a serious face. Defense mechanism? I think so...

You know it's Monday when your day starts with relief that your daughter's teacher actually has her buddy folder. The buddy folder that she swore up and down she forgot to turn in the week before. The buddy folder that you killed yourself looking for all weekend because the teacher was out on Friday. Your day starts with relief over that buddy folder and the little smiley face at the end of the teacher's email.

You know it's Monday when you aren't getting anything done but you stop to take a picture of a very cute baby who just noticed your rocking chair and climbed right in to sit so proudly.
You know it's Monday when you find two huge golden retrievers roaming your neighborhood about a half hour before speeding high schoolers get out for lunch. So, you coax them into your backyard and narrowly miss a fight with your overprotective lab. It's Monday when the animal control person has to have your help getting the dogs into the truck in spite of said animal control person's expertise and the fact that you are holding a squirmy baby who would like nothing better than riding the dog like a horse right up the ramp and into the truck. It's definitely a good Monday deed for the day.

You know it's Monday when you finish your big doggie adventure and realize you forgot to take a picture to mark the occasion.

You know it's Monday when you pick your daughter up from school and she's crying not because of two skinned up knees with huge band aids pulling at the skin and huge scrapes on her hands. She's crying because her favorite pair of Hanna Andersson leggings are officially ruined. The leggings that were purchased on Ebay that I have no hope of finding again. The leggings that may go on someone's Christmas list.

You know it's Monday when your daughter steps on the Wii fit and realizes that she's lost more than 3 pounds and then worries for an hour, do I try to gain that weight back, what do I do? It's Monday when you realize that you bought a toy to encourage exercise. (Clearly that worked well.) It may also lead the OCD child to develop horrible body issues. You know it's Monday when you spend the rest of the day obsessively worrying about how much time she's playing Wii fit, what to tell her and what not to tell her. It ends with you telling her, "It says your healthy. As long as your healthy, that's what matters. If you learn to eat right and exercise you never have to worry about it." Now I'm worrying was that the right thing to say? Help!You know it's Monday when you realize that two daughters have dropped weight since the Wii Fit came in the house and you haven't. You haven't even though you are on the treadmill 4+ miles a day 4 times a week and using the game with them. Then you start looking at the Internet and realize that late miscarriages cause your metabolism to come to a screeching halt. You start to figure out that you gained weight because of pregnancy. Now there is no baby to nurse and nothing to jump start your metabolism. Most people gain another 10 pounds. That's an extra 20 pounds on the extra that I already had. Yep. All those realizations mean it's Monday.You know it's Monday when dinner time means finding a baby in an upside down stroller. No she didn't fall over in the stroller. The weight of the backpacks pulled it over right after we got home from school. Yep it's Monday, no one thought about fixing it so Bria decided she was pretty cool sitting in it like this.

You know it's Monday when you reach bedtime and one daughter is clearly upset over nothing and the other is upset over something. One is upset over pajamas. The other is upset because Ray and I chose not to go on the field trip with her tomorrow. He really can't take off work. I'm not allowed to take Bria. Instead of trying to find someone to watch Bria, I chose to stay home. She's going to see a 3-D movie at the air and space museum on the I-Max. I wish I could go. Unfortunately it's too late now. We shared a few tears and talked about how we always want to be with her but we can't always. We gave her some techniques to cope. Hopefully tomorrow, being a Tuesday, it will all work out.

Welcome to my zoo. I wouldn't have it any other way.

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