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Friday, November 21, 2008

My Thanksgiving For A Finished Party

Arleigh has so much to be thankful for this year. She just doesn't know it...

She should be thankful for a mother who would drag a squirmy baby into no fewer than 3 grocery stores looking for the perfect oval cookie to decorate Turkey cupcakes. She should be thankful that after the third store, her mother was able to improvise. She should be thankful her Thanksgiving Party treat doesn't look worse than it already does. She can be thankful that she also has a mother who stayed up until after midnight shoving in candy corn and cutting waddles for 36 cupcakes. Yes, thankful for her mother who stayed up until midnight not knowing that beautiful baby Bria would wake up at 2 that night and scream until around 3:30 a.m. She has a mother who stayed up having no idea that it would snow and everyone in the house would wake up to screams of excitement at 5 a.m. She just really has no idea how much she has to be thankful for. I wouldn't have any other way until one day when she's older and has children of her own. I'm sure I'll remind her because I'm now thankful for my mother who reminds me.
So this is Elif. She's from Turkey. She was very excited to make pinecone turkeys and eat turkey cupcakes. She is a very sweet child. I'm really happy that Arleigh is in her group for the moment. They change groups every quarter. Elif told me about 100 times today, "Mrs. Stiff, did you know I'm from turkey and I'm making turkeys?" It was very sweet.

We made these pinecone turkeys. I have a whole family of these turkeys now. It seems like we make them every year but the girls never get tired of it. Each one is a little different. These were by far the most colorful of the bunch. Arleigh's came out a little caddywoppered. It will be the Eddie of the family. You know, Randy Quaid's character in Christmas Vacation. I love Eddie and that movie.

Here's the token picture of Bria in her stroller. I am very thankful that she was such a good girl in spite of being tired. There were about well, 18 kids in her face for an hour. Bria can throw some pretty good fits in a effort to claim her personal space. She gets that from her mother. She didn't today. She was pretty mellow and pretty disgusted that I didn't let her tear into one of those cupcakes.
The last picture is J.T. and Arleigh ready to go home. I was too. I need a nap. It wasn't as bad as Halloween party day, but almost. As much as I whine, I would stay up until midnight and do it all again. Anything for my girls.

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