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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Little Miss Chevious

Bria is into everything. I know, she's one. She's supposed to be into everything. She is definately advantaged as the third child. It's often like she has intuitively learned things from her sisters.

At one, I could count on Hanan to play with a roll of toilet paper whenever she had a chance. Here's a picture of Hanan, age 1, in our apartment in Maryland.

Here's Bria in my bathroom.
Bria is a little like Hanan but with her own twist. She doesn't just take it off the roll, she tears it into tiny little pieces creating a snowflake effect all over the bathroom. It always seems to happen just before my wet feet hit the mat from the shower. Then toilet paper is trailed all over the bedroom as she chases me. I often think it's her retalition for not being allowed into the shower.

Then there's the closet. This is my third little girl who loves to play with my shoes and read old books in the closet. She throws the shoes all over then sits among them reading books.

Bria is often torturing her sisters, the cats or Tucker often all at the same time. She has an uncanny ability to find running water. If you need to take a shower when she's awake, she stands screaming at the side because you won't let her in. Did I mention that we only use the shower in my bathroom when she's awake if there isn't another adult in the house to watch her? Otherwise she climbs right on in fully clothed. I don't think anyone could stop her. She uses the same approach when it comes to doing the dishes and brushing your teeth. She can also climb to the top of the stairs before you even know she's started. You need to run though, otherwise you miss the Rockyesque dance of victory just as she hits the top step.

As mischevious as this little munchkin is, I wouldn't have it any other way. She keeps me busy and smiling all day long.

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Shanan said...

Too cute! My computer has had a virus and I feel like I have been so out of touch with my blogging world!!! Have a good week! Shanan

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