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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween

Halloween is pretty special to me. Some of my favorite childhood memories revolve around Oct. 31st. Bare with me, some of you have heard this story 10,000 times. Just call me Uncle Hailey!

When I was a kid, we rushed home from school and opened up the box with our plastic costumes and the weird mask with the cord that broke. You didn't care because after about 5 houses, you couldn't see or breathe anyway. We went around our little neighborhood trick or treating and then off to the mill. My Dee-Di (grandfather) owned the local feed mill. Everyone from the neighborhood would come. People would bring soup and dump it into the this big iron pot. He would stir it with an old paddle. There were baskets of saltines everywhere and Halloween candy was coming out of our ears. I loved every minute of it.

I don't remember it being all the candy. I thought it was so neat that there were so many people there laughing and having a good time. Somehow it seemed like the entire little town of Sedalia was fed that night. It's was like Jesus' story about the fish and loaves. That iron pot never seemed to run empty. I also remember it as the holiday where Gran wasn't fussing or worrying. The fussing and worrying is clearly a genetic trait. It's been passed on to my mother and to me. Arleigh must have gotten a double dose of it. Anyway, this party for the entire town, in my child like memory didn't seem to budge Gran at all. Of course, I may have been so consumed with candy loot that I wouldn't haven't noticed anyone else in the world.

Gran passed away on Halloween. I don't know if there ever was another soup supper. Even if there was, we live too far away. I do what I can to make it memorable for the girls. We have a fun supper, walk around our neighborhood. The girls eat way too much candy and stay up way too late. If I'm passing anything on, I hope it's no fussing and worrying on Halloween.

So here's what we did...

Jack-O-Lantern Chili for the girls.

Super Girl used a spoon instead of her hands...sort of.

This is why I am dreading taking pictures of the girls for Christmas cards.

Trick Or Treat Smell My Feet Give Me Something Good To Eat. I think Penny actually had me say that over and over the year she took me out.

Everyone thought Super Girl was Super Man. I bought a costume from Metropolis, IL that had a picture of a girl with a skirt. It came in the mail with the picture of a rather unisex looking baby. I'm now very angry with the Superman Store in Metropolis! Ray gave me a very hard time. I had a bow in the child's hair. Next year, she'll be in pink and ruffles and bows and lace. I'm thinking Little Bo Peep...

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Shanan said...

Brandi, Cary was upset on Bella's first Halloween too...Sophi was going to be Ariel so I got Bella Flounder costume. Cute and matching right?! No! She looked like a little boy!!! I am afraid when she gets older she might not let me live that one down!!! Your pictures were great! Loved the pumpkin soup picture! Looks like yall had great fun!
love, Shanan

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