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Monday, November 24, 2008

Another Monday

It's another Monday.

Instead of worrying about...
  1. The bright yellow homework folder that Hanan should have turned in on Friday and yet I found it laying on the kitchen table this morning???
  2. The 300 lb. Thanksgiving baskets I need to deliver immediately this morning so the turkeys can defrost in a reasonable amount of time.
  3. How dirty the house is down to the curtains in the dining room that I've needed to wash for a month because somehow there's frosting smeared to them.
  4. How irritated Ray was about not being able to find things this morning (See number 3 and know I don't just need to clean, I need to straighten up the mess.)
  5. The mountain of laundry that seems to magically accumulate over the weekend and out of Ray's suitcase. (Should I check the suitcase for the Crocs he couldn't find?)
  6. The fact that I really need to get to the store before everyone else to get ready for Thanksgiving day.
  7. The huge deadline I'm under for Celebration Sunday.
  8. The fact that Christmas shopping needs to start immediately
... I choose to think about the wonderful time we had in a bubble bath last night.
That's a much happier thought.

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