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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Ancient China Movies (For The Grandparents)

Arleigh just finished a project with her class. They chose pictures of various things from China and made a little slide show. They recorded their voices talking over the pictures. It was very cute. You can see the clips here. Click Arleigh is in the first voice in the Sahara group.

Arleigh is loving 2nd grade. She really loves their social studies curriculum. They've studied ancient Egypt and ancient China. They are moving on to Native Americans now. Arleigh became fascinated with all the dynasties in China. Her favorite was the Chin dynasty. If you watch the other videos, her voice over is short and sweet. (Unlike anything her mother does.) Some of the other kids were more like me...on and on. I asked why she didn't talk more if she loved the study so much. She thought she was only allowed one sentence. I love my compliant girl!

Really, this is for the grandparents and aunts and uncles. Enjoy the show if you must.


Carol said...

Arleigh was fabulous!

Ray, Brandi and Our Girls said...

Thanks Carol. We're pretty proud of you. BTW - I appreciate your comments alot. It's nice to know someone actually reads this.

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