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Monday, October 6, 2008

Praise In The Park

Sunday we went to Praise & Worship In The Park at the Norfolk Botanical Gardens. It's something our church puts on every year. We have breakfast then our worship service is held on the banks of Lake Whitehurst. We have a cookout lunch. For the rest of the day, we can enjoy the gardens. That means we walk to the World of Wonders Children's garden and let the girls run wild.

We always have so much fun. It seems like every year Ray is just home from some long trip. This year it was Cuba. He got it a little after midnight the night before. We were taking a grill so we had to get there early. He held out for a while but when Bria finally fell asleep, he decided to have a nap beside her.

There is a small area where the kids can play in water. I got in trouble for this...

Bria should have had shoes on even though she's not walking. Then they told me she needed a swim diaper or clothes. I only had jeans and did not want to pull a pair of wet jeans off the child. Thanks Ruthie for the pants! We changed into Ruthie Lees pants and Bria wore herself out.

Ray had to leave to take the grill home and return a rental car. We picked him up at the airport a little later. Arleigh hung out in the water. Hanan hung out in the playhouse. It was hard to get pictures of Hanan because I didn't want to get too far from Bria. Arleigh and Hanan ran around all day. Some friends from D.C. came down. They hadn't seen Abby and Tori in a long time but you wouldn't know it.

Overall, it was a fabulous day. I love to have our worship service outside. Lunch was great. Next year, I'm going to be prepared with swimsuits, towels, shoes, swim diapers. Next year there will be four. Let's hope Ray isn't just getting home from a long trip.

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