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Thursday, October 30, 2008

One Long Night

We should be used to no sleep by now. I mean, 3 kids and all these animals. It makes for some pretty long nights. Last night seemed to be one of the worst. It seems like a longer story than it should be.

The night started off badly of my own accord. I was up late blurking again. I talked to a good friend yesterday about some difficult decisions we will be making in the very near future. She sent me links to blogs that might help. Those blogs had links to other blogs. It's an endless web really. Ray isn't home so I don't have the extra nudge to stop. He's in Florida, lucky boy. And so it went for a while.

I finally started to get tired and think it's time to go to bed and Tucker gets antsy. He is gruffing and running to windows. Of course this makes me antsy since Ray isn't at home. I check the doors and start to turn things off when I hear it. There were 9 bangs, like a car backfire. It sounded like a pistol. After the first two in rapid secession I run to the window to look for a muzzle flash. We live in a very safe neighborhood. I would ordinarily think that nothing like this would happen but one of our neighbors has had some pretty serious domestic issues. It sounded like it was coming from that direction.

So if you didn't know, I'm more than a little crazy. I sat down on the sofa waiting to hear sirens or anything else. Tucker was standing watch at the door. He is such a good puppy. No sirens. No flashing lights. No sound. After about 15 minutes I go upstairs to get ready for bed. Tucker isn't so happy about this. Do I stand at the door, watch from the window upstairs, lay at the steps? He was up all night trying to protect us. Just as I was drifting off to sleep, I hear it again. Nine sharp bangs, no real pause. I tell myself it's teenagers with fireworks and aggravated try to go back to sleep.

That's that right? No! Bria has a cold. She whined and cried all night or I heard Darth Vadar like breathing through the monitor. Then around 3 or 4 Tucker decided he had to have sleep so she jumps on the bed so he can practically lay on top of me. Then the fat cat decided that on top of my head in a wonderful place to sleep. Gaige decided to lay across my feet. I don't know which I hate worse. I can't stand feeling trapped. Then Arleigh and Hanan come in to sleep with me but they actually wanted to chat, at 5 a.m. My king size bed suddenly felt smaller than a twin and Ray and Bria were no where around.

I need coffee! I'll be up tonight because Ray will come home around midnight. Maybe this actually calls for a nap!

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