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Saturday, October 18, 2008

KHS Homecoming Parade

The Kempsville High School Homecoming parade has become a tradition for us. Every year we go out to watch the homecoming court, band, all the floats and balloons. The girls love it. Our house is right at the end of the parade route so they get all the leftover candy dumped into their bags.

This year, homecoming is a little later. Instead of an Indian summer, we were cold and wet. It was hard to believe Ray and I missed the parade last year. Last year, I had just delivered Bria. We called with the news just before the parade started. All our friends and neighbors who were in the parade were asking if we had a baby yet. They were celebrating with Arleigh, Hanan and Grandma. I think Grandma was a little colder this year and a little less impressed.

While the weather seemed to suit my mood, it was still fun to watch the girls. Teenagers were piling Bria's pocket with candy so she wouldn't feel left out. Silly me, I refused to give the one-year
old a bag to collect tootsie rolls and smarties. The girls got left over balloons. After just getting rid of all the balloons from the birthday party, my house is now littered with deflated balloons that Arleigh and Hanan can't quite bring themselves to get rid of.

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