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Friday, September 26, 2008

Sneaky Sleepers

We weathered a Nor'easter yesterday. The wind and downpour of rain was over before bedtime. As luck would have it, lightening and thunder started just as the girls were headed to bed. It was, in their defense really, really loud. They weren't happy about being left by themselves. We said our prayers, read our books and kissed them goodnight. It didn't take long for the hour of peace to be interrupted.

At one point Hanan comes down nearly in tears, "You tell me to never stand by the window when there's lightening and my bed is right by it!" It is... In fact she sleeps directly under one of the two windows in their room. I told them to scoot their beds. They do all the time I don't know why last night should be any different. I heard their little feet for about 10 minutes. It sounded like things had settled down and they were asleep. How right I was.

Two hours later I climb the stairs to go to bed. My bedroom door is shut. That's odd but who knows... This is what I found. It's no wonder they were so quiet.

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