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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sick Days

I have been sick. Not that I don't feel good I have a head cold sick. I was not functioning with a migraine on top of a head cold with a either a kidney stone or a UTI that kept me running to the bathroom just in case I needed to puke, not that you wanted to know that. This particular ailment only seems to happen when I'm pregnant. I have been pretty much miserable for the last couple of days. I haven't done anything.

Here's what everyone else has been doing. Bria stays in her johnny jump up so that she's confined. If not, I have to chase her. She can now climb steps but her favorite sort of trouble is diving into Tucker's water bowl. She's way to big for this wonderful contraption but she thinks it's absolutely hilarious to jump so high that her bottom smacks the floor when she comes back down. Tucker hovers around waiting for the crumbs of whatever I've given her to keep her quiet. He often can get an entire meal out of one baby. He's going to be so excited when the other one comes...Offered as proof of me doing nothing, this picture of Bria with her dirty face and gross nose. She had just polished off a chocolate chip cookie and smeared it into her seat. She is the picture of you know your a redneck baby if... the only thing she's missing is the bottle filled with sweet tea or sundrop.

Ray was busy resurfacing the driveway. It's quite frankly amazing. I can't believe my driveway looks brand new. In fact I managed to shower and get out of the house last night for the school's open house and PTA meeting. As soon as I got there a teacher told me how great my new driveway looked. This also creeped me out a little bit. Since we live on the same street as the school, everyone knows where we live and what we are doing. I'm going to have to start fixing my hair and putting on makeup to work in the yard!

Arleigh and Hanan have been good little helpers. They do their homework and their chores and then play with Bria. They now think that anything on Nick Jr. is beneath them. Yet, that is their babysitting tool of choice. They turn on the tv and set Bria between them. Bria is usually just happy to act like her big sisters. In the picture below, they are watching Dora. Arleigh would die if anyone from school found out she was watching. I can't tell who is more into the program. It is rivoting you never know when Swiper will jump out and reak havoc.

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