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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Our Big, Big Day

Today was a big day for us. Get ready... I'm going to be bragging about my girls. It comes pretty easy for me.

We saw part of it coming. Last week Arleigh was "elected" class president. You can't really call it an election if your name is drawn on a Popsicle stick can you? I choose to believe that Ms. Walker recognized Arleigh's potential (the fact that I live close to the school and would dutifully pick her up probably helped) and rigged the drawing. Arleigh's was the first name picked. She was soooo excited about her new position. Today was her first student council meeting.

I'm really not sure what this student council meeting was about. Listening to Arleigh talk it sounded like Mr. Landry was in charge of controlled chaos. I think they decided the theme this year will include something about caring for the earth. I was busy in the kitchen when I noticed Arleigh was working diligently on some drawings. She decided to get a jump start on the SCA posters. Ironic that my daughter made 20 posters on regular notebook paper that I won't allow her to tape to my fence that say "Save Our Earth Recicle!" They were pretty posters but they are now in my "Recicle Bin."

I was a little worried about Hanan. I don't know what makes you old enough in 2nd grade for SCA but first grade is excluded. I know it can't always be fair, we have to even things out. Lucky for us she received a Happygram today from Mrs. Freeman for being an excellent leader while her teacher was away. Hanan had a substitute last week. This was very exciting for us.

Last, both girls received invitations today for a school party because they surpassed their summer reading goals. It seems like they passed by the skin of their teeth but we'll take what we can get. They get to eat lunch on the stage next week, get an award plus free ice cream while all the other kids look on. Arleigh lives for days like that. I'm anxious to see how Hanan does. Guess I'll be eating a school lunch that day to watch.

While Arleigh was at her meeting I let Hanan choose her grocery store of choice to go get apples for class. She has to turn in an apple so they can make applesauce this week in honor of Johnny Appleseed. Of course she picked Harris Teeter for the cookies. She was so excited she couldn't stand it when I let her share a car cart with Bria. I haven't been letting her ride in one because I thought Bria was too little. They made quite a pair.

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