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Monday, September 22, 2008

The Luau

This weekend we went to Mike Roman's birthday luau. I am so mad at myself. We got there and my camera was dead. There were some things I just really should have taken pictures of. I didn't know my phone actually does take okay pictures outside. Whoops.

Anyway, here are the pictures of the girls with their faces painted. After Arleigh decided to get Batgirl, Nicolas was compelled to get Batman. Hanan went with the stand by cat face that she always seems to pick.

The picture that I really wanted and didn't get was of the girls gawking at the roasted pig. That's right. I said it... a whole roasted pig. Lucky for me I didn't get the screams I expected. They stared for a long time with their mouths open. Then came the questions...

"What happened to the blood? Is it still there? Do people eat the blood?"

"Are those the teeth? What about his eyes?"

"If there isn't blood, what about the other stuff. Did they just lay that pig on the grill? Who killed it? Did the fire kill it?"

Ray was playing golf to keep the party a surprise. No doubt he would have fielded the parade of questions much more gracefully. He was also the only one to sample the BBQ. I had a nice beef hamburger. The girls went for hotdogs. Hanan asked as soon as she saw her plate, "They didn't make my hotdog from that pig, right?"

Then there was Bria. Grandma brought Bria an outfit at spring break. I thought it would be much too big for a long time. It's 18 months for crying outloud. She's growing up too fast. It included blue jeans, a chocolate brown tee shirt and a white Hawaiian shirt with a brown and blue hibiscus print. Then there was the sun hat. Sorry Grandma. She was so cute but she looked like a boy. The pink chucks were the only thing that saved her. She was dressed appropriately for the luau though. I'll have to dress her up again just to show her tomboy side.

I'll ask Anna if she got some good pictures. Maybe she'll let me post them.

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