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Monday, September 8, 2008

How To Define A Vice President

Arleigh is fascinated with the presidential election. Originally she was thinking that Obama was her man because he plays a mean game of basketball. After watching the news the past few weeks, she's changed her mind but she's had a difficult time verbalizing why. She just keeps telling us that John McCain seems to be the nicer of the two. (Are you listening Grandma? She's a pretty good judge of character.)

Ray was watching the news this weekend and I overhear Arleigh ask if Sarah Palin wants to be president. Who wouldn't ask that question considering the news in constantly comparing her experience to Obama's. Anyway, Ray tells her no, Palin is running for Vice President. Always inquinsitive Areligh starts asking Ray what the Vice President's job is exactly.

Ray is telling her things like she's second in command. She is his deputy, helper, etc. It goes on for a bit. Then you hear Arleigh say, "Oh, she wants to be McCain's sidekick!"

My question is, when do I get to see Dick Cheney in spandex?

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