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Monday, September 1, 2008

The Biltmore

The first leg of our vacation included touring the Biltmore mansion and grounds. I saw it when I was much younger. It was even more amazing to me as an adult.

The girls loved learning about Cornelia, the little princess. They couldn't understand how a family of three would need a house this large. Ray was amazed at the technology for the day. There was central heat and air, refrigerators, then there was the heated swimming pool with lights. This was all at a time when most people didn't have electricity.

We enjoyed strolling the grounds. The winery was nice. There was a free tasting. Arleigh and Hanan both loved the grape juice. This was highly unusual for Hanan. I asked for a taste. It was amazing. It's not at all like the stuff from the store. We also enjoyed a trip to the farm and petting zoo.

It's well worth the drive. I would like to see it again at Christmas with all the decorations. Apparently that's the busy season.

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