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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Nana & Papa's Visit

Nana and Papa rode into town on their Harley last week. We got to enjoy a nice long visit with them. The girls had so much fun. I can't say we did alot. It was mostly hanging out at the house. Papa became a pretty good jungle gym. Nana scored big points when she got into the tree house with the girls. We even got free babysitting for a dining out.

On Saturday we made a very long 2 hour (less than 40 mile) trip to Williamsburg to tour the winery. I was mildly concerned about how much fun it would actually be considering I'm pregnant so no wine for me. Then there are the three time bomb children. Lucky for me, they all decided to be problems at different times. Arleigh wasn't happy that we waited for the 3 p.m. tour instead of rushing into the 2:30 tour. Bria was chatty. She was in the backpack so Ray would walk away from the group with her. That sent Hanan into a tailspin. I mean Daddy is actually on an outing with us. He can't possibly walk more than 2 feet away from her. We made it through the tour. No one was hurt. My nerves were in tack. On to the wine tasting... Ray slipped the girls some crackers and cheese. Crisis averted. Then it happened. I would do the winery again for this, 2 hour trip, kids and all. Della, I hope you don't mind.

Ray turned around and asked, "Did you hear Mom?" I hadn't. I was corralling the kids who weren't confined to backpacks. "She just asked if the next wine was a 'Merry Lot' and it's the merlot." That provided me with enough giggles to get me through the rest of the wine tasting.

That was probably our biggest story. We ventured out to Cheesecake Factory one night. On their last night here, we made it out to the boardwalk. It took a bit of bribery and some Hot Now Krispy Kremes to convince the girls that we should leave the beach. I may have also promised them a trip back this weekend. Sorry Ray...

We had a great time. We can't wait until they come back again. Oh, one last story. As they pulled off on their Harley this morning Hanan asked, "Mama, do they even own a car?" The funny thing is, they own several. In fact, I've lost count.


Navylangs said...

Oooooh - I'm liking the look in here. You are slowly enticing me to get the Mac.
Thank you for the stories - I got a giggle too.

Ray, Brandi and Our Girls said...

I can't take credit for the new look. Ray got involved. He can write code pretty quickly. I only managed to add number 4. He then centered it for me. I will say, I'm much happier with the mac for lots of reasons.

Anonymous said...

Brandi..love the story of our visit. Don't mind the mention of my lack of wine knowledge.
Tasting is better that pronunciation...ha! Had a great time. Can't wait to come back!
Love you,Della

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