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Friday, August 15, 2008

Mike Is In Town

I guess it was just last week, Ray told me that Mike Roth was in town but we wouldn't get to see him. What!?! I couldn't believe that Mike would show up in town and not come over. Apparently he's getting ready to deploy. Because of one of his vaccines, he told Ray he couldn't come around. In fact I think his exact words were, "If I give Bria small pox, Brandi would kill me then she would have the EMTs revive me just so she could he kill me again." Did I mention that Mike is a very smart man?

Mike's scabs have healed and he got to come over tonight. We love Mike and the Roth family. Ray got to catch up with all of them at Jori's wedding. I'm sorry we didn't get to see Casey and Lorene before they took off for Japan. I'm sure we'll meet up with them again. I'm sure Casey or Andrew will at least have a wedding in the next say 10 years... 

It was great to catch up with Mike. We talked about Iceland and Maryland. The last time he saw the girls in person, Hanan was turning 2. (Check out the slippers in the picture. A gift from Nana Bonnie that she wore until they literally fell apart.) I can't believe it's been 4 years. Here's hoping it's not 4 more before we run into the Roths again. Now, if I could just get the Langs to the east coast.


Navylangs said...

Just caught this post....

Okay homesteaders - maybe you guys should trot on out to the Pacific.

Seriously though - we often tell stories about you guys to the kids. One of my favorites is when I was outside yelling for Garrett & Madison and Arliegh could hear me from her house.


Roth Family said...

I'm finally looking at the pictures. The girls have changed, as well as Mikey. We'll have to make it out so you can get a picture of him with the next baby Stiff!

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