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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Future Husbands, AKA The Jonas Brothers

I told Ray he could blame his brother, Mike. Last night we went to a sold out Jonas Brothers concert. Ray left us during spring break to help Mike remodel his bathroom. I used that as an excuse to get Arleigh and Hanan tickets to their first concert. The original plan was to take Bria too. After hearing it sold out, we got her a babysitter. That was a really good thing.

So it went a little like this... I was rushing to try and feed the girls very early and get the sitter for Bria. Ray was in a rush sitting in traffic to get home. We were told to arrive at least and hour an a half early. I get the sitter. Ray gets home. He grabs a package of crackers, a can of Pringles and a bottle of water and we're off.

We have friends that live close to the amphitheater. To avoid the traffic, we decided to park at their house and walk. It took us a little over 20 minutes to get to the amphitheater. We trek up to the entrance and there is a huge line. The gates should have been open for more than a half hour. This was not a good sign. Ray can't help but be a little disgruntled with the line. He rushed home to get in the car to hike to wait in line. All he wanted to do was sit down. Arleigh became a little disgruntled with him and said, "Daddy, why do you have to be so dramatic!?!" How's that for the pot calling the kettle black?

We get in... It's an hour before the show starts and already we are walking to the top of the hill. I love my girls. There was very little whining about getting closer. Don't get me wrong. I know they wanted front row seats. For the most part, they were just excited to be there. Check out the size of the crowd. It got tighter and tighter. I knew some other girls from church were coming. They were coming from Chesapeake so I didn't think they would be as early as we were. Sure enough they needed a piece of grass and we had a little bitty square beside us. Melissa, Tabitha and Samantha joined us for the show. Hanan hung out with us for most of the night. Unless Arleigh needed to be picked up, she gravitated toward the older girls. She wants to be just like them. I know it won't be long before they don't want to be seen with me.

Speaking of not wanting to be seen with me. I was feeling like a very uncool mom watching a herd a young single moms in front of us. They each had one daughter and they were having their own personal party. I stopped feeling so uncool when they proceeded to get so drunk they really couldn't stand up anymore... I really hope one of them was sober driving the loaded minivan home.

As for the concert... I can't believe that I'm saying this but it was really good. The Jonas Brothers are defintely more musicians than boy band. The show was really good. Ray was so impressed with Nick once he found out how old he was. The songs were pretty good. My only regret was that I didn't know many of the songs. Arleigh and Hanan knew alot but they knew the Camp Rock songs best. Demi Lovato was pretty good too. She has a nice voice but I wasn't nearly as impressed with her stage prescence. I know you were waiting with baited breath to hear that.

I think Arleigh and Hanan are now even more in love with the brothers than they were before... If that's even possible. The only problem is now they don't know which one they want to marry.


Navylangs said...

Can you hear the envious ooohs and ahhhhs coming from Guam? They're Madi's.
I had to remind her that we got to see them in October.

Roth Family said...

Casey was laughing when she heard you were going. She said they're supposed to be the Beattles of our time.

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