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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Busy Saturday

This was one busy Saturday...

We started the morning very early with the annual Breakfast With The Animals at the zoo. It's a neat morning. You get to go into the zoo early and meet lots of animals up close. You get a little breakfast and then you get to watch all the other animals eat their breakfast. Zoo keepers are everywhere with lots of information.

The girls really loved watching an elephant go after apples in the water. He really wasn't fond of getting his feet wet. We learned that elephants are right or left handed and their tusks aren't the same length because of wear. At one point, Ray explained to us that the African elephant has smaller ears than the Indian elephant. I asked how on earth he knew that. Apparently Jake Erickson told him that about what 8 or 9 years ago. (See Jake, Mr. Ray really does listen.) I also learned that my kids still love to have their picture taken with mascots.

We talked our friend Brady into bringing his kids because his wife is out of town. It was so busy, we never found him. We did meet up with the Cooks. Oh, we also ran into Jake. The Jake. We got to hear how Jake will always be around even though he won't be going to the same school. Arleigh's right. We run into them everywhere. The girls had a good time walking around with Aubry and Tia. They didn't make it to breakfast as early as we did though so we left them to finish up. In the end, Arleigh and Hanan decided to skip the barnyard and run in the fountains. Bria even had a great time splashing.

The downside of the zoo was my camera. I've been thinking that I might want a bigger camera in addition to my little Canon Powershot that fits in my pocket. Today I should have had great shots of the lions but they are grainy. Then, the girls found a frog in a drain pipe hidden the rocks. I tried to get a shot but no... The camera wouldn't do anything I wanted it to. The frog was a beautiful green color. I angrily walked away. I have decided that we will be getting another camera before the baby arrives. Any suggestions?

On to the rest of the day. We went to a Pirate Party at the Park for the girls' friend, Kiel. It was such a beautiful day. They had fun playing. Kiel got tons of great gifts. Arleigh didn't want a pirate hat but Hanan is always game for anything that resembles dress up. There was even a homemade pirate skull cake. I think Bria loved the cake...

What do you think?

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