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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Visit With The Menos

I am so mad right now. We just spent a fabulous weekend visiting the Menos. I talk to Pauline several times a week but even though we live so close, we rarely get both families together. I can't believe I only have one picture and Noah and Paige aren't even in it!

I sent Ray outside with the camera. He didn't know what I wanted. I should have gotten it out more. The girls were preparing for dinner with Izzie B in a Margarita glass. They had so much fun with Noah and Paige. Paige and Arleigh are so close in age, there were makeovers and glitter. Hanan just followed them around. Noah is so sweet with them. I even enjoyed a little Guitar Hero.

We lived downstairs from the Menos in Iceland. Noah wasn't even 2. Paige was born there 7 months before Arleigh. Noah and Paige have grown up so much. They don't look anything like these pictures. Some were taken almost 5 years ago. Noah is 10 now! He wasn't even two when we showed up in Iceland.

I can't say enough about the Menos. I'll probably talk to Pauline every couple of days forever... The only thing that's changed about her since we left Iceland is that she's pregnant too. Our baby and Aidan will be about the same age difference as Arleigh and Paige. There are many times when I wish we were still living downstairs. - Just in a bigger house and not in Icelandic weather conditions. Although, in a whiteout there is no one I would rather share an apartment complex with.

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devineys said...

Wow! That makes me miss you guys and our simpler time in Iceland. I hope our paths cross again soon -- we'll be SO outnumbered by the kids this time!

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