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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Poor Tye Tye

We're thinking about Tye Tye this morning, AKA my brother, Tye. He was just on the news again back home. If you're interested in watching, here is the link.

Why are we thinking about Tye Tye? He's a narcotics officer. We could worry all the time if we let ourselves. Just a few weeks ago he was sprayed with anhydrous ammonia during a raid. Lucky for him the damage to his lungs was minimal. Almost 2 years ago, Tye was arresting a really big guy and they both fell down some stairs. I think Tye must have broken the big guy's fall. His back was injured pretty badly. He seemed to get over it.

Tye was chasing after Gabe (the other narcotics officer in the family) when his back popped a few weeks ago. He's been miserable since. I think more damage was done clearing poison ivy from around the home stead. I could have my facts confused. I think that's home the new damage was done. Now one of the great doctors in Mayfield seems to think that he actually "broke" something in the fall 2 years ago. We're waiting for more info. It's always something with Tye Tye.

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