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Thursday, July 10, 2008

My Wild Animals

I'm not really sure what I was thinking. Ray let me know 2 days ago that we have to go to a going away party tonight at 6. The girls have piano on the other side of town from 4-5. I'm not sure I'll beat the babysitter to the house. We have lots of guests coming and going over the weekend. I love that. I'm so excited to see Gayle, Shelby and Colie.

All that said, I'm feeling a little overwhelmed today just because I've fallen behind in my normal chores. Then in a true feat of procrastination, I offered to watch Elle today even though we had a play date at the zoo scheduled for this morning. Whooo. I really have lost it. Ray would say the real point is, I'm not vacuuming the floor right now or doing laundry. I'm typing on the silly blog again.

Anyhoo...we enjoyed a great day at the zoo with Elle, Tia and Aubrey. The girls had tons of fun. We have our tickets for Breakfast with the Animals. (At least I'm one step ahead there.) There are plans to go back and meet the Cooks as often as possible between now and school starting in Sept. I think the girls had a good day. I enjoyed being with them, even if I'm about 2 days behind on my chores.

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