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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Miss J'Nelle

My girls are sad. For the last 2 years Miss J'Nelle has been teaching them piano at the Virginia Beach School of the arts. That was after working with them in their music classes when they were at the Preschool for the Arts. Her contract was up and Miss J'Nelle decided to move on. She won't be teaching anymore.

We are really going to miss Miss J'Nelle. (Not just because the drama of 60 families at this school rushing to find another teacher and good time slot.) She was a great teacher. She prayed with the girls before every lesson and had the best prizes for practicing at home. She did a great job of motivating the girls.

As you can see, Elle was with us at our last lesson. We'll miss you Miss J'Nelle. Hopefully we'll find a wonderful replacement soon.

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